livroWhat is Lean Healthcare all about?

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Alice Sarantopoulos
Gabriela Salim Spagnol
Li Li Min
Robison D. Calado

Pedro João


About the Book:

Do you think it is normal to wait hours and hours at the hospital? Do you, healthcare professional, usually spend the whole duty just solving issues?
Healthcare systems around the world and now in Brazil have found in Lean a solution for such problems. Read this book, learn what is Lean Healthcare is all about and how it can help you to improve healthcare in Brazil!
The Research Group for Innovation and Healthcare Management is constantly focusing in the patient needs and improvement opportunities for healthcare services. Designing for the future, our group seeks new tools, technologies and process improvements to perform a healthcare management with an increasing efficiency, quality and economy. The goal is to develop a knowledge network with universities, research centers, companies and healthcare services, aimed at improving the healthcare management with innovation, contributing to a higher quality of care. We also seek to innovate through the Lean Management approach (Lean Healthcare), assessment and application of new soft and hard technologies in Healthcare.

We have the great pleasure of sharing with you the basic principles and Lean tools applied to healthcare. In a very light and fun perspective, we cover these topics in the book "What is this Lean Healthcare all about?" to serve as a guide in the first steps of your Lean journey. But we warn you! After reading this book, you will never stop looking for Lean. It's addictive!

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