How to write an academic paper?


That is the greatest question we all end up facing sometime.

In order to support our researchers in writing and publishing, the GIGS Team selected a few links that could help in writing and publishing research findings and case reports.

Have a look:

Prof. Mariel Marlow, from the University of California, USA, wrote about the most common mistakes she found in Brazilian papers and she described how to avoid them in this great article:

Our team has also prepared a list of the best journals in our field (Lean Healthcare, Service Quality and Service Improvement) to give insights on where to publish. Have a look in this document available in Dropbox:

Improve your writing and publish your research worldwide!

Open Online Courses

Study in world class universities without leaving your home!    

   Currently, world class universities have provided open access to a wide range of courses through online learning platforms such as Coursera ( The GIGS Team recomends a few courses through the links below: 

Patient Safety:

Take the Lead on Healthcare Quality Improvement;

Institute for Healthcare Improvement:

 Enrol and keep yourself updated!


Mendeley Desktop

For access and sharing purposes, the GIGS Team created the group Innovation and Healthcare Management also on Mendeley.

   Mendeley is one of the greatest tools to organize articles, allowing to share, highlight and insert comments on PDFs. Make your Mendeley profile, download the Mendeley Desktop for free and have a look in our page at: